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Fuseboard Upgrades

If your home has an old style fuseboard installed before 2008, it will probably NOT comply with the current edition of the IEE wiring regulations BS7671 so may not meet current safety standards.

We recommend you upgrade your old Fuseboard and enjoy the benefits of safeguarding your property against any electrical hazards.

By upgrading your fuseboard you have the facility available to add extra circuits to incorporate any expansions you may require in the future such as extensions, solar panels, ev charge points etc.



Benefits of Upgrading

  • Easy to switch power back on when it goes off due to a fault
  • All circuits are RCD protected
  • No messy and fiddly fuse wires that might need an electrician to replace
  • Easy detection of faulty circuits
  • Shock protection
    (external use of garden machinery and power tools)


Government figures estimate that each year there are around:

10 fatal and 2,000 non-fatal electric shock accidents in the home
19 fatal and 880 non-fatal shock accidents in the workplace


There are also about 12,500 electrical fires in homes across the UK each year.

Although many incidents are caused by faulty appliances rather than the electrical installation itself, a properly installed and well-maintained electrical system could save lives.

Cables, switches, socket-outlets and other equipment deteriorate with prolonged use, so they all need to be checked and necessary replacements or repairs made in good time.

Whilst it is relatively easy to make an electrical circuit work it is far trickier to make the circuit work safely.

To avoid the dangers that electricity can create it is essential that electrical work is carried out only by those with the correct knowledge, skill and experience in the type of electrical work to be undertaken.

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